The fifth edition of The Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) successfully concluded on 26 May 2018, at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in China. As a leading platform for the automotive industry in Southwest China, this year CAPAS gathered 583 exhibitors (12% increase) from China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and the US. Each of these industry leaders gathered together with 18,016 visitors (4% increase) across 45,000sqm of exhibition space.

Following the show’s conclusion, Ms Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said she is pleased to see how CAPAS has grown alongside the industry: “By catering to the auto market’s transformation in recent years, this fair has helped improve the competitiveness of attending industry players. One example is through its showcase of solutions for new environmental protection policies, which allows both exhibitors and visitors to tackle key challenges in the industry. I believe the show will continue to do this in the future too.”

This year, CAPAS featured six theme zones on the show floor. These were the Automobile Lifestyle Zone, the Commercial Vehicle Zone, the E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone, the Made in Sichuan Zone, the Quick Fix, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone, and the Supply Chain Procurement Zone. Positive feedback suggested that the clear zonings and complete range of product offerings helped buyers and exhibitors to have a more efficient business matching experience during the fair.

Within these zones and across the entire show were many renowned participating companies, including AXOT, Botny, Chengdu Zhong Xing Wang, Fix Auto, Fengriling Filters, FMG, GESEL, Jingdian Auto, Knorr-Bremse, Liqui Moly, Luke, Luzhou Changjiang Machinery, MANN+HUMMEL, Neijiang Jinhong Crankshaft, NGK, PUSH, Qianjiang Spring, Ruili, Ruiming, SDZ, Shenghuabo, Snap-on, Songtian, Tyreplus, WABCO, Yihe Lubricant Oil, Zero Mileage Lubricant and Ziyang CRRC Electrical Technology.

Key focus: innovative business models for the after-sales market
The after-sales market continues to expand in Southwest China, with more and more diverse business models becoming available. In response to this, CAPAS launched the Quick Fix, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone, which attracted many well-known chain store brands to participate such as Fix Auto, GAPE China, Jingdian Auto, Tyreplus and more. The zone, as well as a range of concurrent fringe events related to the subject, helped participants explore a whole host of new products and services, as well as modern management techniques and new supply chain models.

Within the zone was Fix Auto, the world-largest collision repair chain group. Targeting the fast developing Southwest China market, the company made its debut appearance at CAPAS. Speaking at the show was Vice President for China Regions, Mr John Zhou. He said: “During CAPAS, we are featuring an integrated services package for the repair market, assisting the companies in creating standardised service procedures whilst also improving their operations, productivity, competitiveness and costs.”

“The aftermarket sector in the entire Southwest region has very good development potential. The implementation of environmental protection policies has led to an upgrade of the entire industry, which matches well with our own business concept. We have met our target customers at CAPAS this year, and we expect to continue participating similar exhibitions in the future.”

Chain stores are now providing more services than ever and are now serving as one-stop platforms, which has led to new business model concepts under the industry’s transformation. This was highlighted on the show floor with Shanghai Futong Software Technology Co Ltd. Vice President Mr Wei Guan introduced a new operational model at CAPAS 2018, which offers a hassle-free processes for car shops: “We provide smart infrastructures for chain stores by combining in-store demand from service providers in the market. Our service platforms and hardware facilities for stores enable them to provide more standardised online services. The participants at CAPAS are very professional, covering many product categories, which is great for us.”

New technologies at CAPAS to support regional’s aftermarket upgrades
Meanwhile, environmental protection has always been a topic of great concern for the spare parts sector, and has become a pressing issue for China in recent years. For example, exhibiting company NGK developed new spark plug and oxygen sensor products for low fuel consumption vehicles, to help meet the ‘stage 6’ emission standard established in China. The company’s Marketing Division Advertising Department Manager, Ms Xuehua Cai, said at the show: “The Southwest market is definitely our biggest priority, and CAPAS has provided a very good opportunity for us to approach it effectively.”

Many of China’s new energy policies, such as imposing new targets for new energy vehicles and bans on fuel vehicles, are now coming into play, helping the country meet the general development direction of the global automotive industry. With that in mind, this year’s CAPAS shone a spotlight on the latest new energy vehicles and related products.

Exhibitor Sichuan TongHua Technology Co Ltd produces automotive batteries and charging equipment. Mr Guoqiang Shu, Service Manager, expressed satisfaction towards the exhibition: “During the show, we have developed a lot of new customers, including new energy vehicle dealers. Our target market is Sichuan, because the local environmental protection policies are favourable for us in expanding our business.”

The market for commercial vehicles is facing similar trends in moving towards a premium, smart and automated market. This year, WABCO brought its latest technology for single-piston air disc brakes, which has not yet been used on commercial vehicles in the country. The company’s Aftermarket Leader for the Greater China Region of WABCO Vehicle Control Systems, Mr Steven Guo, said: “Compared to the conventional drum brake, disc brakes can significantly reduce the temperature of the brake pad, to prevent accidents. Through CAPAS, we have efficiently delivered our latest products to our target customers.”

As a visiting buyer, the General Manager of Chongqing Benbo House, Mr Hu Yan, has participated in CAPAS for many editions: “I discovered a company for new eco-friendly materials at the show this year. Their products implement low carbon operations, which is highly recommended in the industry now. There was also another company which produces oil analyser, enabling customers to find out more about motor oil with direct test results. More and more companies are realising the importance of CAPAS for the auto market in the Southwest region, because it has always stayed very close to the changes in the market.”

Another buyer at the show was Mr Gang Fan, General Manager of Sichuan Xichang Kai Yuan Automotive Service Co Ltd. He came to the exhibition to seek inspiration: “I am in wholesale and retail sales for spare parts. New energy vehicles are becoming more and more common, meaning chain stores like us have to upgrade our products and services. The most important thing is technological transformation, because the replacement parts in new energy vehicles are different from conventional vehicles, requiring upgrades to our repair technology. Compared with cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, I think that the Southwest region has strong potential in this area,” he stated.

Concurrent events help prepare the industry for changes and upgrades
A total of 20 concurrent events were held during CAPAS 2018. Each event has helped promote the latest market information and business inspirations across the entire automotive industry. This subsequently provided a clear market orientation for participants, and enabled them to efficiently prepare for the industry’s transformation and upgrade.

As an invited guest speaker, Mr Yongzhong Li, Deputy Supervisor of the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association Auto Repair Parts Committee, introduced a forum for the transformation of chain stores in the Southwest region: “The after-sales market for vehicles has great potential, but there are still challenges which it needs to overcome. One of the ways to do this is to integrate our resources. The topics for the concurrent events this year match the pace of the industry, and they fit well with the exhibition.”

After attending the forum, Mr Weiguo Lv, General Manager of Xichang SUJIE Automotive Technology Service Co Ltd, had some insightful thoughts: “I run a repair store for automotive automatic transmission in Sichuan. I totally agree with various operational issues related to the vehicle repair industry raised by the guest speakers, including the increase in operational costs, competition within the industry, the development of new energy vehicles and more. We will survive and continue to develop under the great wave of changes, as long as we upgrade the integrated service and technology in our stores. This forum is very helpful in solving my current troubles and issues.”

CAPAS is jointly organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Council (CCPIT-Sichuan). The next edition will be held from 23-25 May 2019. For more information, please visit or email

The highly anticipated show, the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS), will take place from 24 – 26 May 2018 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center. It is expected to house around 580 exhibitors across 45,000 sqm of exhibition space this year, and will welcome over 20,000 visitors across three days.

Last year saw China’s vehicle sales surpass a mammoth 28 million. At the same time, rapid economic growth in the Sichuan region in recent years has bolstered the industry’s desire to enhance its competitiveness with advanced technologies. In fact, the area has seen a boom in the number of new energy vehicles and modernised after-sales companies of late, with the local government continuing to support such endeavours. This is becoming increasingly evident at one of the leading trade platforms – CAPAS, for the automotive industry in Southwest China.

The 2018 edition also comes at a time when highways across the Southwest region are undergoing significant optimisation. In response to the region’s automotive advancements and drive for growth, Sichuan’s total highway length reached 6,820 kilometres by the end of 2017 , ranking it second in the nation. This is particularly beneficial for Southwest China’s third and fourth tier cities, where the automotive market is expected to grow even more rapidly in the coming years. The show is set to address these exciting changes through a number of relevant theme zones, enhanced product offerings, and a series of high quality fringe events focusing around upgrading, innovative technologies and industry transformation. With the clock counting down until the show opens its doors, key industry players from all aspects of the automotive supply chain are expected to benefit from the concurrent events at CAPAS 2018. Some of the most highly anticipated events for the 2018 edition include:

Transforming and Upgrading the Automotive Aftermarket in Southwest China Summit (24 May 2018)

Co-organised by Chengdu Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association, China Aftermarket Service Chain Academy (CASCA) and Messe Frankfurt, the summit aims at suggesting solutions for aftermarket to achieve cost reduction and optimise their efficiency and supply channels through integrating multiple resources of production, distribution and service chains. Topics cover business opportunity and profitability on braking systems and filters, air-conditioning solutions, as well as using branded auto parts to attract customers.

The Development and Innovation of Automotive Aftermarket under New Policies in New Era Conference (24 May 2018)
This conference will discuss the current automobile development policies in the nation, and the regional characteristics of Southwest China’s market. Industry experts, association leaders and business operators will focus on environmental policies to open up new market opportunities, as well as how companies can transform and upgrade under stricter environmental requirements. Mr Tao Sheng, Secretary-General of Chongqing Automobile Maintenance and Repair Industry Association (CAMARIA), one of the co-organisers of the conference, explained: “From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, and from OE to after-sales, China’s industry is going green. The new policies have affected the aftermarket sector, manufacturers and service providers in the Southwest region, which has subsequently affected the market’s entire supply chain. Through this forum, we will share our industry information and successful experiences, and give inspiration to those aftermarket enterprises that are facing the challenges of going green.” The conference will also discuss the outlook of the region’s automotive market in terms of easing regulation for second-hand vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Zone Conferences (24 May 2018)
With China’s Ministry of Transport recently issuing the “Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reforms and Accelerating the Transformation of Road Transport”, the country’s logistics industry is continuing to transform and thrive, with commercial vehicles in higher demand than ever before. As a result, the Commercial Vehicle Zone at CAPAS attracts many commercial vehicle manufacturers in the nation, as well as leading parts and components manufacturers, distributors, repair and maintenance service providers and logistics fleets to participate. A number of fringe programme events such as forums, conferences, and training activities will take place in relation to the commercial vehicle market, such as the Summit for Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Development in Southwest China and the Commercial Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Equipment Alliance Technical Training. The topics of these events will cover policies in the commercial vehicles sector, technological innovation, modern management, green and energy saving, security operations, and more.

China New Energy Automobile International Cooperation Conference 2018 (24 May 2018)
New energy vehicles have become a top priority under the rapid development of China’s automotive industry in recent years, and CAPAS has gradually penetrated into this exciting area through the establishment of the E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone. This conference will invite leading companies in this field, including the likes of Alibaba, Baidu, Bosch, BYD, Changan, Infineon, Tesla, Volkswagen, and more, to discuss the changes and opportunities of the region’s production and sales markets amidst the new energy wave. The event will facilitate information exchange, brand promotion, government procurement, industrial investment, and cooperation with OE firms.

CAPAS is jointly organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Council (CCPIT-Sichuan). For more information about the show, please visit or email For more information about the fringe programme, please contact Ms Kate Wu (+86 021-61608569), of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

A wide selection of fringe events, including training sessions and forums, will be held during CAPAS 2018. With car ownership increasing rapidly in the southwest region in recent years, the automotive aftermarket is also expanding alongside it. New technologies, workshop management, and corporate missions will be just some of the hottest topics taking place during the course of the show.

At CAPAS 2018, the content and quality of the fringe programme will be further upgraded to cater to these demands. This includes events such as “IT Solutions for Workshops”, “Chain Store Developments in the Aftermarket”, “Workshop Management and Profitability”, “Education of Auto Repair Professionals”, and more. These help repair workshops to improve their skillsets, service standards and profits through various trainings, discussions, and case studies. New technologies and experiences from abroad will also be introduced onsite to broaden visitors’ horizons.

Ms Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, was satisfied with the previous edition, and commented that CAPAS will continue to better serve the automotive industry in southwest region in 2018 and beyond. “We have high expectations for the future of CAPAS. It will continue to play a vital role in addressing the region’s growing automotive industry, as proven in the success of our previous shows. With our improved theme zones and high quality fringe programme, we want to echo and follow the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, and provide even more resources to the automotive market. We expect this to bring more business opportunities to the show’s participants, and also support the industry both economically and socially.”

CAPAS is jointly organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT-Sichuan). For more information about the show, please visit or email

CAPAS 2018 optimises product offerings to facilitate Southwest China’s aftermarket transformation

New products emerge to meet the region’s growing environmental policies

As a leading platform for the automotive industry in Southwest China, the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) continues to align the region’s automotive industry with the country’s development strategies. The coming edition will be held from 24 – 26 May 2018 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China. The fair is expected to house around 580 exhibitors across 45,000 sqm of exhibition space and welcome 20,000 visitors.

The political and economic influence of the Yangtze River economic belt, together with the Maritime Silk Road, plays an important role in China’s National Development Strategy. Benefiting from these geographical and industrial advantages are key automotive cities in the Southwest region, including Chengdu and Chongqing. This allows their markets to continually evolve and develop, particularly within the automotive industry. For example, according to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Ministry, Chengdu and Chongqing recorded 4.29 million and 3.5 million car owners in the first half of 2017, the second and third highest in China respectively.

What’s more, the global drive towards more environmentally friendly policies, new energy vehicles, and intelligent manufacturing is gradually filtering into many Chinese markets. Subsequently, manufacturers, distribution channels, and end-users are now facing the challenge of a sustainable transformation, in a bid to compete with the rest of the world. As such, the upcoming edition of CAPAS 2018 will not only be home to the region’s key players looking to capitalise on its geographical prospects, but also to those driving the change for a greener industry.
Mr Shunfeng Li, Vice President of Chengdu Auto Parts Trade Association, believes the show will allow industry professionals to reach out to better products, technologies and business philosophies. He said: “Since the government is promoting more environmental protection these days, various service centres, repair shops, tyre shops and logistic companies in the Sichuan region are undergoing significant reform. We expect to see higher quality products, thanks to the improvement in manufacturing and distribution channels.”

New products emerge to meet the region’s growing environmental policies

In line with the Planning for the Development of the Energy-Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry (2012 – 2020), the average annual fuel consumption for passenger vehicles in China will reportedly decline to just 5 litres per 100 kilometres by 2020. In response to this, the quality of motor oil will also have to increase tremendously which will certainly affect the product structure of this market. In terms of the Southwest region, the current oil market mostly focuses on middle and lower-end products. Despite this, with the government’s increased emphasis on eco-friendly policies and improved product offerings, many renowned lubricant oil suppliers see great potential in developing the market in the Southwest region.

One such supplier is Liqui Moly, who will be exhibiting at CAPAS 2018. Mr Suhuai Gao, Marketing Planning Manager of Du-hope International Group, the exclusive agent of Liqui Moly in China, said: “Though rapid economic growth, the Southwest region in China is still at a developing stage in the eyes of high-end brands. We have always been pursuing high quality and performance in all of our products, including our motor oil series that can save fuel and reduce pollution. We have been exhibiting at CAPAS since the first edition and this year we want new business partners who are seeking high quality products.”

Meanwhile, Shandong Yihe Lubricant Oil Co Ltd will make its debut at CAPAS 2018. Ms Huili Wang, Marketing Manager of the company, commented: “Our products have received various awards such as China’s High-Quality Brand-Name Products and China’s Green Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Products. We will bring a newly developed series of lubricant oils to the fair this year, and we are very optimistic about the benefits that CAPAS will bring to us. Through our presence, we would like to know more about the market in the Southwest region, and build on our influence there.”

SDZ Auto Parts Co Ltd also notes the importance of energy saving initiatives in the region. The company specialises in a wide range of products, including fuel, oil coolers and electrical systems, and also owns a market share of 33% in the distribution channel of same product group.

Mr Haibo Chi, Chairman of the company, said: “At the 2018 show, we will launch our thermostat assembly catering specifically to the Southwest market, which meets Euro 5 emission standards. For us, CAPAS is a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders to step into this potential market, and we expect to increase our reputation in the Southwest region by exhibiting at the fair. ”

Elsewhere during the course of the show, CAPAS 2018 will continue to present six theme zones to provide a better business matching platform for both exhibitors and visitors. These are: Supply Chain Procurement Zone, Quick Fix Zone, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone, Automobile Lifestyle Zone, Made in Sichuan Zone, Commercial Vehicle Zone, and E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone.

One of the most anticipated aspects is the Commercial Vehicle Zone. Ms Yolanda Huang, Director of Aftermarket Trailer CVS China, Knorr-Bremse Commercial Vehicles Systems (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said: “The Southwest region has a great demand for high-end commercial vehicle systems, so we set up a factory in Chongqing to improve the technology standard in the market, and to better implement environmental and new energy policies in the region. CAPAS is an influential industry event with a renowned Commercial Vehicle Zone. This helps us to get in touch with our potential customers much easier, and boosts our brand awareness.”

Ms Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, also added her thoughts ahead of the show: “CAPAS has been upgrading itself with an enhanced product offering and a wider scope of products for both exhibitors and visitors. In 2017, the annual sales growth of vehicles in the Southwest region stood at 9.9% compared to the previous year, which is the fastest in the nation. With car ownership increasing rapidly, it helps to create unrivalled business opportunity in the market. The extensive global resources and unique advantages of CAPAS offer greater ideas and higher quality products. Under the government’s ‘go green’ policies and with the increasing demand on data usage and business efficiency in the region’s aftermarket, we will further enhance our range of conferences, seminars, and training sessions, to present a more advanced and cutting-edge industry through CAPAS 2018.”

CAPAS is jointly organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT-Sichuan). For more information about the show, please visit or email

Aiming to better serve the region’s end-user demands as well as the entire automotive supply chain, CAPAS first launched six theme zones in 2017, designed to offer a segment-oriented and highly-efficient business matching platform for both exhibitors and visitors. As such, the coming edition will once again present six theme zones, but with enhanced product structures, a wider scope of products, more business opportunities and better services.

With continued support from the local government, the Made in Sichuan Zone will expand into an entire hall, with an increasing number of quality and leading enterprises from the Sichuan province will participate in the fair. Many of these are from the region’s 10 key automobile production cities: Deyang, Guang’an, Guangyuan, Leshan, Mianyang, Nanchong, Neijiang, Ya’an, Yibin, and Ziyang. The zone will showcase quality products from carmakers, parts and components, materials and the auto services, which will reflect the local industry characteristics of the region. Over 20 enterprises have already confirmed their participation in the zone’s Neijiang Pavilion.

Meanwhile, in response to the rapid deveopment of the commercial vehicle market in Southwest China, the Commercial Vehicle Zone will cover more repair and maintenance products and attract more well-known commercial vehicle carmakers, engine companies, original parts and replacement parts suppliers. Various fringe events focusing on the industry’s latest trends will also be covered.

The Supply Chain Procurement Zone will act as an efficient platform for matching the demands covering upstream and downstream in the entire automotive supply chain. More distributors will participate here this year to strengthen the distribution channels and certain product scopes such as braking systems, shock absorbers, filters, etc. will also be enriched to meet the market demands.

Apart from showcasing a broad collection of products related to quick repair chain stores, equipment tools and replacement parts, the Quick Fix, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone will also present the latest developments in data management, insurance and finance, training and consultation for the automotive aftermarket. A number of related seminars will be held here too, covering the likes of data management and workshop operations, as well as maintenance and testing.

In addition, an entire hall will be dedicated to E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone in 2018, having attracted more new energy vehicle brands from all over the world who will showcase their related product innovations and services.

Elsewhere, the Automobile Lifestyle Zone will promote a full range of intelligent and personalised lifestyle products, such as car care, consumer electronics, interiors, customisation, as well as car safety.

SDS Co Ltd is exhibiting at CAPAS for the first time in 2018, and is one of the first established sino-foreign joint venture companies from the automotive parts industry in China. As one of the major suppliers of transmission systems in the country, SDS sees great potential in Southwest China for promoting its brand. Mr Liping Shi, Product Manager of the company, said: “CAPAS has plenty of resources for us to succeed in the region. It is very beneficial to us since we can meet up with many repair shops and distributors directly at the show. Chengdu is an important province of automotive industry in southwest region, and it is essential to grow our business here. This is why we come to the show.”

CAPAS trade show continues to serve the automotive industry in Southwest China
Six theme zones to display strengthened product offerings
Fringe programme enhances knowledge sharing opportunities, catering to regional end-users’ demands

The Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) proactively caters to regional trends whilst continually expanding its busines network. It has become a leading platform for business, information exchange and investment for the automotive industry in Southwest China, and will be held from 24 – 26 May 2018 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China. The fifth edition of the fair is expected to house around 580 exhibitors across 45,000 sqm of exhibition space and welcome 20,000 visitors.

CAPAS has gradually been gaining industry recognition over the years. In its last edition in 2017, the show welcomed 17,378 trade visitors and expanded its space by 28%. It attracted many industry leading companies from all over the world to exhibit, including BAIC MOTOR, Bluestar, Bosch, FAW, Gates, Haiye, High-Tech, Knorr-Bremse, Liqui Moly, MANN+HUMMEL, Meineke, Michelin, Mobil, Porsche, Ruiming, SAIC-IVECO, Snap-on, SORL, Tesla, and many more.

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